October 3, 2013

Goal: To Cure All Acne (Body Acne Included)

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Since my teenage years and now in my adult life I have always dealt and continue to deal with acne -on my face, my chest, my back and arms- and I HATE IT. It has ruined my skin and affected my self-esteem. I remember growing up and my mom telling me not to worry about it because am going to grow out of it. Well am in my late 20’s and yet to grow out of it. Like many others suffering from acne I have tried a lot of products from over-the-counter products like Neutrogena, Olay, Clearasil, Oxy clinical, AcneFree, Murad, Proactive and others to prescriptions like benzoyl peroxide (BPO), RetinA and antibiotics that I can’t remember their names. Even as recently as 2 months ago I tried another product I saw at Costco called SebaMed. The thing is these products worked but only for a short while. The prescription BPO worked but I unfortunately lost a lot of clothes to it due to its bleaching. I was younger then and really didn’t care to continue with it. RetinA was too drying on my skin. Proactive was working a little but then it gave me a rash, I had to choose between just my acne face or a face full of itchy rash AND acne so I had to stop proactive.

Now that I am actively pursuing clear skin, I decided to read a book that I had in my book shelf for months now called ‘The Acne Cure’ by Dr. Dubrow.
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It was a good read and the basic summary is that there are 4 steps to Dr. Dubrow’s acne cure program.
Step 1: Clean away excess dead cells with 2% salicylic acid (SA) twice a day.

Step 2: Remove clog with 8%-10% glycolic acid (AHA) lotion every morning.

Step 3: Stop acne in its tracks with 2%-5% benzoyl peroxide (BPO) every evening. There is a key addition to this step that requires using ice pack to cool your face and reduce inflammation before applying the refrigerated BPO.

Step 4: Protect skin with oil free moisturizer with SPF 15 or more.
According to Dr. Dubrow, if you follow these steps in 6 weeks, your acne will be cured for approximately 95% of acne sufferers. He explains that his program works because of the combined use of SA, BPO, and AHA. He also includes research in the book to support his cure program. Coming from a science background this program makes a lot of sense and am going to be living by it for the next six week. I’m looking to starting this program on Monday since am waiting for my glycolic acid  lotion to get here. I might put up before pictures if I get the courage.

***Please if anyone is thinking of following this program, please read the book before proceeding. It really is a good and quick read and there are key instructions in the book that needs to be followed. Also please talk to your personal physician before doing anything that affects your health.

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