September 27, 2013


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So I have been looking for something new to do and blogging happens to fit perfectly with where am at in my life now. After more than a quarter century of life I have decided to find the more feminine me. Not that I have necessarily been a tomboy but I have not been that "girlish" either. When I say not girlish I mean I have not been the type of girl that had her nails done every week or couple weeks (am guessing that's how often they get is taken care of, I don't know) like most girls, or have their hair always looking good, lover of all shades of pink, with great skin and makeup -I don't even know how to properly put on makeup for crying out loud.
Anyway, so I finally  decided to do something about it, be more girly and hopefully find my true feminine side and fashion style in the process, and am going to use this blog to document my journey. Finding Outer Beauty is exactly what am looking/planning on doing, finding my outer beauty -which every female has. From repairing my acne prone and damaged skin to finding what makeup work with my skin and how to properly use it, to losing the extra 25 pounds I gained over the last year plus a lot more. I need to stay motivated. Wish me luck :-)